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Invest in your home with the low-cost Government Retrofit Loan

Through our One-Stop-Shop service Integrate Home Energy Upgrades give you access to not only larger grants but also to the new Government-backed low-cost retrofit loan.

What are the features of the new loan scheme?

  • Just recently launched
  • Significantly lower interest rates than those available in the market.
  • Applicants can borrow between €5K and €75K.
  • Loans are drawn down before works start.
  • Flexible repayment terms from 1 to 10 years.
  • Unsecured loans – no security or personal guarantee required.
  • Administered through SEAI-registered One Stop Shops and the main banks and credit unions.

How will the process likely work?

Step 1

Integrate Home Energy Upgrades performs an assessment and provides a quote and Home Energy Summary Report to the Homeowner.

Step 2

The Homeowner takes the Home Energy Summary Report to a participating bank or credit union.

Step 3

The Homeowner draws down the loan and signs a contract with Integrate Home Energy Upgrades.

Step 4

Integrate Home Energy Upgrades undertake the works and homeowner pays IHEU as per the agreed payment terms.

Step 5

Integrate Home Energy Upgrades completes the works and uploads the necessary certifications to the SEAI.

The first step to HEUL approval is to fill out the form below and Integrate Home Energy Upgrades will arrange a home energy assessment and provide you with the Home Energy Summary Report