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Customer Complaints Policy

Integrated Home Energy Upgrades are committed to providing excellent customer service. If, however we don’t meet a customers’ expectations, we want the opportunity to make things right and to prevent the same non-conformance from occurring again. We understand that a professional, responsive customer complaints process is of great value to both our customers and our organisation.

If a customer has a complaint, they can communicate this to their assigned Retrofit Project Manager by email, SMS, over the phone or in person. or verbally. Whatever the means of communication we will adhere to the following process:

  • The customer makes the complaint to their assigned Project Manager
  • The Project Manager logs the complaint on our project management system using the ‘Customer Complaints’ task template. The complaints task details the nature of the complaint and its roots cause. The system automatically assigns the task to the Managing Director and sets a resolution due date of 5 days
  • The Managing Director then reviews the Complaint to determine if Corrective Action is needed and the findings logged on the complaint task. If Corrective Action is required a separate Corrective Action Task is created and assigned to the Project Manager with a strict completion date
  • The Project Manager reports back to the customer the findings of the review and what Corrective Action is planned
  • The Project Manager verifies the close out of Corrective Action.
  • Finally, the complaint is recorded alongside other customer feedback metrics and reported at out monthly management meeting. From here opportunities for process improvement are highlighted and actioned.

Our goal is to respond to all complaints in a proactive and professional manner and to tackle the root cause of any non-conformances so that our system continually improves.